Tips To Protect Your Belongings at Self-Storage Units

Well maintained and organized self storage units provide ample space for storing your belongings. Right from dumping sparingly used commodities to stocking household and office stuff and valuables; self storage units come up as the ideal facility when space is a major constraint.

But are your belongings safe? Although the self storage units are safe and well protected; but it’s better to play safe. You’ll obviously not want to end up losing your entire fortune to a burglary or break-in. Right?

Here’s a quick look into the numerous types of locks you can use to further safeguard your belongings against theft.

  • Keyless Locks: Keyless locks operate without keys. These kinds of locks do not require a key and instead require feeding in a number code or only operational with registered fingerprints. These locks post the biggest advantage of convenience. With no worry of losing or misplacing keys, they ensure added protection and quick access.
  • Disc Locks: These locks provide the perfect combination of security and ease-of-use. Though just one twist of the key will get you in and out, it’s one of the hardest to tamper with. The deep rooted hasp cannot be reached easily and grinding off takes times and makes a good amount of noise.
  • Coupler Locks: Perfectly designed to snugly fit over most storage locker doors, these locks conceal the hardened bolt beneath to provide the maximum protection. Designed with anti-picking technology, it’s nearly impossible to cut through them with bolt cutters and grinders.
  • Combination locks: Combination locks bring together the benefits of keying and number coding. To gain admission, both things have to be in place. They offer maximum and all round protection.
  • Other considerations: Besides choosing the right type of lock, the size of the lock is also important. Smaller locks are easy to remove and pick. So choose the biggest lock that will fit the latch.

Also, if your self-storage unit has outdoor access like a drive-up storage unit, choose a lock that can withstand elements of weather. Iron locks will rust away, making break-in easier. Opting for stainless steel locks is thus the best option.

Secure and fully protected self-storage facilities along with the best locks bestow maximum protection. At West Bellfort Self Storage, we provide the safest self storage units in Houston. Our facilities are well-lit, properly fenced and deployed with a 24/7 on-site property manager. You can also avail one-off facilities to further upgrade the security levels. Call us today at 281-561-0200 to find out more about our distinguished solutions.

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