Tips to prepare and organize your ideal storage facility.

A Self-storage unit facility provides the best solution to keep all your excessive belongings safely in an organized and perfect shape for any time period until unless you want them again in your home.

Once you have prepared and pack your extra valuables perfectly by using good packing boxes and supplies, the next important thing is renting an ideal mini-storage unit facility as well as moving vehicle services in Houston.

There are only a few leading moving storage companies in Houston that also provide you both a good storage unit facility as well as a moving vehicle service to transfer your belongings from your current home to their storage house at a reasonable price. ‘Westbell Fort Self Storage’ is one of those reputed self-storage services providers based in Houston who can even transfer your valuables safely to your preferred mini-storage facility in the most efficient way.

But before transferring your valuables to a rented accommodation, you must follow the below-mentioned tips to perfectly prepare and organize a storage facility, and also ensure easy access to any of your storage items. Let’s go through each of them step by step:

  • First of all cover the floor area of your self-storage facility with a plastic sheet or canvas tarp to avoid the dirt, mold or moisture harm your belongings.
  • Keep the suitable gap between your storage boxes and the walls to ensure good ventilation.
  • Always leave sufficient passage through the line of stored boxes for easier access to your items.
  • Large furniture pieces should be placed vertically and closest to the wall to save space.
  • Small furniture like chairs should be stacked seat to seat on putting some paper padding or cloth in between.
  • Pile up similar size boxes one over the other with the heaviest boxes on the bottom.
  • Labels of all boxes should face the walkway.
  • Keep fragile and delicate electronic items like LCD TV in an upright position instead of placing them flat or tilted to avoid them getting damaged.

If you want to know more about different ways to prepare and organize an ideal mini-storage units facilities in Houston then don’t hesitate to reach us.

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