Tips to perfectly pack and organize your valuables in a moving storage facility.

So, you are moving to a new location in Houston or going abroad for a long period of time, or simply don’t have enough space in your office or home, and therefore, looking for a perfect self-storage, mini-storage or many other moving storage units in Houston on rent at a reasonable price. At ‘West bell fort Self-storage’, we take pride in delivering outstanding storage facilities to accomplish different size storage needs of customers and also enjoying a large base of happy and satisfied customers.


Once you have decided to book an ideal storage facility, it’s essential for you to utilize all storage space completely. So, you need to pack and organize your excessive storage items in the good quality packing boxes made from a good quality material along with needful safety material and finally arrange and fit all boxes well into the available space of self-storage unit. In this write-up, we are sharing various tips to let you know the various ways to perfectly pack and organize your belongings in an ideal moving storage facility.


Segregate items into different categories

First of all, it is essential to segregate all storage items into their respective categories such as books or educational items, kids’ items, sporting equipment, mementos, keepsakes, and so on. Once you have divided the items into categories, make sure to pack them in different size boxes according to the assigned categories.


Create an inventory

Creating an inventory of all the items is crucial for its storage in a rented storage unit to allow customers keep track of their belongings, and also help them locate the items easily, whenever necessary. Moreover, keeping an inventory of storage items could be helpful to file an insurance claim against any damage or loss due to natural disaster or accident.

Packing in good quality boxes

Make sure your goods are packed with the use of differently-sized, sturdy, and good quality packing materials including boxes or containers, wrapping and protecting material, sealing tape, labels, and blankets, particularly for delicate or fragile items.

Follow suitable instructions to pack your storage items in the packing box, like;

  • Never overload packing boxes, especially when you are loading heavy items, such as books.
  • Preferably use smaller boxes to pack heavier items.
  • Place heavy items nearer the bottom and lighter items near the top of the box to avoid damage.
  • Keep your storage items adequately protected from damp, mold, and dust with proper sealing of all boxes.
  • Hire one of the reliable moving storage company in Houston which can provide you with climate- controlled self-storage spaces for the perfect protection from dust, mold, and mildew.
  • For an extended protection, plastic containers can be used as a good option.
  • Don’t forget to label all boxes with the needful description so that you can easily identify contents of each box. This could be particularly helpful in finding out fragile or breakable items, easily without much trouble.

At ‘Westbellfort self-storage’ we offer best-in-class storage facilities in Houston to fulfill all sort of storage needs of customers. If you are also looking for ideal storage units then you are just a call away.

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