How can mini storage units facilities help during a home renovation?

Over the years, Houston’s market is showing a continuous and steady growth in the economy as well as property prices. So, people are more interested in renovating their old house for the improvement in their living spaces rather than buying a new home. Although countless hours are spent while planning for a house renovation, one crucial aspect is often overlooked, i.e. availability for convenient and secure mini or self-storage unit facilities in Houston. At Westbell fort Self Storage, we can better understand this fact that a home renovation is no easy feat, that’s why our experts make it easy for homeowners to provide secure and convenient mini storage in Houston.

Here, we’ve put together some important moving storage tips to help your home renovation go as smoothly as possible:


Determine a replacement or quiet space: 

By indulging yourself in full-home renovation project while staying there with family may require alternative lodgings for a short period of the time. So, it is recommended for you set up a replacement or space for the family where they can still do their routine things during the renovation.


Analyze Inventory for storage: 

 It’s crucial for you to analyze how much or what type and size of items you want to store in a storage facility. Take measurements of total inventory to decide on an area of self-storage. During the peak of summer or winter, prefer to rent climate-controlled storage units for the safety of your electronics and other sensitive items.

Packing while moving: 

Besides a temporary and simple renovation project, you may still need to store some of your valuables during the moving process. Therefore, it is important to pack all your fragile or delicate items according to their specific nature and type to avoid any damage, for example, fragile crockery and other kitchen items should be covered in bubble wrap and stored in appropriate containers. Extra padding can be used to give extra protection to the items during the move. Large furniture and other bulky pieces should be disassembled and protected by cardboard or bubble wrap. All beddings, linens, curtains, clothes, and small rugs should be stored in plastic containers and carefully labeled to remove the chances of confusion during unpacking work.

Overall, making use of a mini or self-storage unit facilities during a home renovation in Houston can eliminate clutter and stress from your mind. If you want to reserve a good moving storage space at a fair price for your next home renovation, you are just a call away!

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