Handy Tips for Moving and Storage of Fragile Items

Moving and shifting are exciting events. Relocation opens plethora of opportunities to rise and grow. But the event can turn nightmarish just with the thought of packing, loading and moving. And when it comes to packing fragile items the temperatures rise further. After all, you’ve spent a fortune acquiring them!


Thus, it’s prudent to safeguard your fragile and breakables such as glassware, electronics and antiques using the right packing and moving techniques.


Mentioned below are a few handy tips that ensure maximum protection to your breakables.


Use the Right Packing Materials:

Fragile items are susceptible to breaking or cracking. A fall, slight jerk or mishandling can easily set them to pieces. Packing of breakables and fragile items, thus, is a matter of great skill and dexterity. To avoid your fragile items from getting damaged during the transition, use the right materials and follow the appropriate packing techniques. Before you actually get down to the job get your boxes, bubble wraps, newspapers/packing papers, old towels and rugs, packing peanuts and markers ready.


Avoid Overstuffing:

While it’s important to remain within the allocated storage space and to use space prudently, you should always avoid overstuffing of fragile items into one carton. The more things we push into one box, higher are the odds of breakage and damage.


Secure the Bottom:

While we take utmost care to wrap and tape up the box tightly, we forget to get the base ready. Before you begin to start stacking up things in the carton ensure that the bottom is tightly taped and secured to avoid a fall down when the box is picked.


Label Each Box Properly:

Once you are done with the stacking bit, seal the top of the box with thick, broad tape and label each box as ‘fragile’. Also, do not forget to mark the top side of the box. These indications will remind anyone handling the box to be watchful when transporting or stacking the boxes.


These simple, easy to follow steps ensure that your transition to your new residence, office or storage unit is smooth. If packed carefully your belongings will be safe, secure and readily accessible whenever needed.

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