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Key Features of Self-Storage Solutions for Desired Business Success

Self-storage facilities are getting more popular day by day due to their multitude of uses and benefits. Now, the use of mini storage units is not just limited to keeping excess households or office items to clear extra space in your premises. In fact, these units are now becoming increasingly popular as small business offices to allow people to fulfill their dream to become a successful entrepreneur.

At ‘Westbell forte self-storage’ our range of tailored Houston storage units offer a number of exclusive features and benefits to the domestic and small business owners. We also help many individuals secure their future to provide them needful resource and flexibility to run a small business from our moving storage space. So, we provide them a convenient way with our best self-storage solutions to fulfill the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur at a nominal price.

Here, we have highlighted various key features and benefits provided by our self-storage units to help and support small businesses to achieve desired business success:

Round The Clock Security
For a business, security of their stored valuables is on top priorities. At Westbell Forte Self-storage, we offer our customers excellent storage facility equipped with advanced security features to provide 24 hours CCTV surveillance and biometric/gated access.

Unlimited Access
We offer flexible or unlimited access to everything you have stored in the storage unit, whenever you find the need for it. Now, you need not plan between office hours and deal with bureaucracy just to renew the stock of a specific product.

Cheaper Alternative
Money is a crucial factor for any business. With the accessibility of advanced technology, it is quite possible nowadays to run a business without using an actual office, but still, you need a suitable moving storage facility to store your inventory and equipment. We offer advanced and outfitted Houston storage units at cheaper rates than renting a warehouse or actual office.

Save Valuable Time
For any business, saving time is saving money. We provide our small business customers with the exclusive facilities of drive-up loading bays, trolleys, and pallet trucks to make it convenient and stress-free for them load and unload their product or shipment in the minimum possible time.

On keeping all above features of a self-storage unit in mind, we can conclude that hiring a professional service of self-storage unit in Houston will come out as a flexible, safe, and cost-effective solution for any business to get the best return to their investment.

At Westbell forte Self Storage, we help you find the ideal moving storage facility in Houston whenever you need it the most for your continued business success. For more information or any queries just speak with one of our representatives today!

Tips to prepare and organize your ideal storage facility.

A Self-storage unit facility provides the best solution to keep all your excessive belongings safely in an organized and perfect shape for any time period until unless you want them again in your home.

Once you have prepared and pack your extra valuables perfectly by using good packing boxes and supplies, the next important thing is renting an ideal mini-storage unit facility as well as moving vehicle services in Houston.

There are only a few leading moving storage companies in Houston that also provide you both a good storage unit facility as well as a moving vehicle service to transfer your belongings from your current home to their storage house at a reasonable price. ‘Westbell Fort Self Storage’ is one of those reputed self-storage services providers based in Houston who can even transfer your valuables safely to your preferred mini-storage facility in the most efficient way.

But before transferring your valuables to a rented accommodation, you must follow the below-mentioned tips to perfectly prepare and organize a storage facility, and also ensure easy access to any of your storage items. Let’s go through each of them step by step:

  • First of all cover the floor area of your self-storage facility with a plastic sheet or canvas tarp to avoid the dirt, mold or moisture harm your belongings.
  • Keep the suitable gap between your storage boxes and the walls to ensure good ventilation.
  • Always leave sufficient passage through the line of stored boxes for easier access to your items.
  • Large furniture pieces should be placed vertically and closest to the wall to save space.
  • Small furniture like chairs should be stacked seat to seat on putting some paper padding or cloth in between.
  • Pile up similar size boxes one over the other with the heaviest boxes on the bottom.
  • Labels of all boxes should face the walkway.
  • Keep fragile and delicate electronic items like LCD TV in an upright position instead of placing them flat or tilted to avoid them getting damaged.

If you want to know more about different ways to prepare and organize an ideal mini-storage units facilities in Houston then don’t hesitate to reach us.

You can even share your views in the comments section below:

Is it worth using self-storage facilities while Renovating Home?

Renovating a house or office can be an exciting as well as a stressful experience for an owner. During any repair or renovation work, you can’t just throw away your belongings outside your house to vacate your house for a few days. So, it can be a big challenge for you to keep all your delicate furniture and valuables safe from getting broken or covered in dust or paint.

In such a situation, mini storage units can come as a blessing for you. At ‘Westbell forte’ we offer clean, secured, and customized moving storage units facilities in Houston at the most reasonable cost to keep you free from any tension.

Let’s go through some key factors that help to justify worth of using well-equipped, clean, and safe storage units during the renovation of Home or office.

Keeps your belongings safe
During renovation work. it could be really hard for you to ensure that your belongings won’t be spoiled or damaged due to various unfortunate means like a small paint spill or a thick blanket of dust. So, it is better to put your valuables in a safe and reliable mini storage space
instead of risking them.

Ease of use
Storage units not just provide you temporary or long-term, clean and safe storage of your belongings but also let you free from the mess of finding any of them by piling up in an orderly manner whenever there is a need arises for it including the renovation work.

Remain Stress-free
Moving you important goods around in your home or office prior to renovation work can increase your workload and stress. So, it is worth choosing a reliable and equipped Houston storage unit to let yourself free from all worries of safety and ease of finding your belongings.

On considering the above facts, you will definitely find it worth using self-storage facilities while renovating your home or office. If you are also going to start a house or business renovation project, just stop by ‘Westbell forte self-storage’ services and let our skilled and dedicated staff assist you. We offer a range of well-equipped and secured self-storage facilities in Houston, from a small room to an entire house for bringing out a stress-free storage experience to you and your family.

How can mini storage units facilities help during a home renovation?

Over the years, Houston’s market is showing a continuous and steady growth in the economy as well as property prices. So, people are more interested in renovating their old house for the improvement in their living spaces rather than buying a new home. Although countless hours are spent while planning for a house renovation, one crucial aspect is often overlooked, i.e. availability for convenient and secure mini or self-storage unit facilities in Houston. At Westbell fort Self Storage, we can better understand this fact that a home renovation is no easy feat, that’s why our experts make it easy for homeowners to provide secure and convenient mini storage in Houston.

Here, we’ve put together some important moving storage tips to help your home renovation go as smoothly as possible:


Determine a replacement or quiet space: 

By indulging yourself in full-home renovation project while staying there with family may require alternative lodgings for a short period of the time. So, it is recommended for you set up a replacement or space for the family where they can still do their routine things during the renovation.


Analyze Inventory for storage: 

 It’s crucial for you to analyze how much or what type and size of items you want to store in a storage facility. Take measurements of total inventory to decide on an area of self-storage. During the peak of summer or winter, prefer to rent climate-controlled storage units for the safety of your electronics and other sensitive items.

Packing while moving: 

Besides a temporary and simple renovation project, you may still need to store some of your valuables during the moving process. Therefore, it is important to pack all your fragile or delicate items according to their specific nature and type to avoid any damage, for example, fragile crockery and other kitchen items should be covered in bubble wrap and stored in appropriate containers. Extra padding can be used to give extra protection to the items during the move. Large furniture and other bulky pieces should be disassembled and protected by cardboard or bubble wrap. All beddings, linens, curtains, clothes, and small rugs should be stored in plastic containers and carefully labeled to remove the chances of confusion during unpacking work.

Overall, making use of a mini or self-storage unit facilities during a home renovation in Houston can eliminate clutter and stress from your mind. If you want to reserve a good moving storage space at a fair price for your next home renovation, you are just a call away!

Role of mini and self-storage unit facilities in relieving the stress of moving in Houston

Life is full of challenges and moving is one of them that can put you under extreme stress. There are situations when some portion of your new house or office is still under repair or construction and not ready to accommodate all of your valuables. So, you can’t just throw away your extra belonging which has a great emotional value for you or needed for later use. In such circumstances, to rent a convenient mini or self-storage facilities in Houston can play the best role in relieving some of your stress of Moving in Houston. On just a nominal cost, you can have an easy access to the well-equipped moving storage units for keeping all your excessive valuables in the perfect secured environment. Here, we have illustrated some beneficial roles of ideal storage facilities in Houston to make sure a stress-free move.


Convenient and unlimited storage

While planning to move, you may be tensed or confused about where to put your already packed extra valuables! Now, there is good news; you can easily relieve your tensions on renting one of your preferred mini-storage facility for temporary or longer duration that will help you in keeping your excess stacks of boxes out of the way, yet accessible.


Environment-friendly storage facility

Storage units are offered in different types and sizes. So, you can select a suitable storage option as per the size and type of your belongings to keep safely and securely for a desired time of year. Some of your storage stuff need your special attention in a hot and humid environment that usually includes Furniture, Rugs, Electronics, Photos, Documents, and Artwork. A climate or environment-friendly storage facilities are well-equipped to offer both convenience and protection to your delicate goods from both outside and inside elements.

Flexible and added benefits

While searching for an ideal mini or self-storage unit in Houston always compare and look for more flexible, extra features, and amenities for your heightened storage experience. Some of the essential features and benefits are described below: 

  • Security: Storage units should be clean and equipped with advanced technology, including ample lighting, round the clock DVR surveillance, sophisticated locks, alarm systems, and biometric or passcode entry. 
  • Flexible Deals: A moving storage company should be flexible in providing suitable leasing options as per their customers’ needs, ideally from month-to-month to long-term commitments. You should aware of important instructions mentioned in the move-out policies including the penalties for moving out early.
  • Free Transport Service: A few leading moving storage companies in Houston even offer you free transport facility for moving your valuables to your rented storage unit from your old house.

Hope, you will better know about important features and benefits of suitable storage facilities for a stress-free move.

If you are still facing any doubt then you are just a call away!

Tips to perfectly pack and organize your valuables in a moving storage facility.

So, you are moving to a new location in Houston or going abroad for a long period of time, or simply don’t have enough space in your office or home, and therefore, looking for a perfect self-storage, mini-storage or many other moving storage units in Houston on rent at a reasonable price. At ‘West bell fort Self-storage’, we take pride in delivering outstanding storage facilities to accomplish different size storage needs of customers and also enjoying a large base of happy and satisfied customers.


Once you have decided to book an ideal storage facility, it’s essential for you to utilize all storage space completely. So, you need to pack and organize your excessive storage items in the good quality packing boxes made from a good quality material along with needful safety material and finally arrange and fit all boxes well into the available space of self-storage unit. In this write-up, we are sharing various tips to let you know the various ways to perfectly pack and organize your belongings in an ideal moving storage facility.


Segregate items into different categories

First of all, it is essential to segregate all storage items into their respective categories such as books or educational items, kids’ items, sporting equipment, mementos, keepsakes, and so on. Once you have divided the items into categories, make sure to pack them in different size boxes according to the assigned categories.


Create an inventory

Creating an inventory of all the items is crucial for its storage in a rented storage unit to allow customers keep track of their belongings, and also help them locate the items easily, whenever necessary. Moreover, keeping an inventory of storage items could be helpful to file an insurance claim against any damage or loss due to natural disaster or accident.

Packing in good quality boxes

Make sure your goods are packed with the use of differently-sized, sturdy, and good quality packing materials including boxes or containers, wrapping and protecting material, sealing tape, labels, and blankets, particularly for delicate or fragile items.

Follow suitable instructions to pack your storage items in the packing box, like;

  • Never overload packing boxes, especially when you are loading heavy items, such as books.
  • Preferably use smaller boxes to pack heavier items.
  • Place heavy items nearer the bottom and lighter items near the top of the box to avoid damage.
  • Keep your storage items adequately protected from damp, mold, and dust with proper sealing of all boxes.
  • Hire one of the reliable moving storage company in Houston which can provide you with climate- controlled self-storage spaces for the perfect protection from dust, mold, and mildew.
  • For an extended protection, plastic containers can be used as a good option.
  • Don’t forget to label all boxes with the needful description so that you can easily identify contents of each box. This could be particularly helpful in finding out fragile or breakable items, easily without much trouble.

At ‘Westbellfort self-storage’ we offer best-in-class storage facilities in Houston to fulfill all sort of storage needs of customers. If you are also looking for ideal storage units then you are just a call away.

Essentials to find the best storage facilities in Houston

Nowadays, a good self-storage facility at a reasonable price is the need of hour. Irrespective of the reasons for moving from your old house to a new place like in situations when you’re downsizing, or you’ve inherited your Aunt’s furniture or you want to secure it for your daughter’s new place, there are a few important things you should learn about renting self-storage.


In case a small portion in your new house is still under construction and you want a suitable mini storage space to secure your extra goods for later use, then don’t hesitate to ask your moving company whether they can provide you a suitable moving storage option in Houston or not.

Also make it clear that if you are provided with timely and needful access to your things and what type of notice required for it? Also research various different storage facilities offered by other moving companies, before finalizing an appropriate one.

Here you need to learn few important things that you should keep in mind before renting one of suitable storage units in Houston:


Declutter Extra Stuff Before Renting a Storage Space

It is very important to go through all unwanted stuff that you don’t want to carry along with you. Declutter all those extra stuffs either through garage sale or donating to the needy people by contacting with the charitable societies. Then investigate the type and size of belongings having sentimental or monetary value that you want to store in a suitable self-storage space in Houston.


Type and size of storage facility

Once you have decided, what are you storing, like wine, papers, vehicles, or boats that require the special storage facilities, you may require specialized climate-control storage facilities, and it may cost you more. But such increase in costing will be justified in the long run as a climate-controlled storage will help you in preventing the damage of your belongings due to temperature changes.

So, take an inventory and make a list of belongings that require climate-controlled mini-storage space and also ask and confirm your moving company to provide such specialized storage facilities.

Hire A Moving Company with Storage Access

Just like searching an ideal moving company, it also essential for you to find a reliable moving storage company who can offer you best storage facilities with their safe hands at the most reasonable prices. Always prefer to hire a storage at your local destination city instead of a moving company. Don’t forget to properly label all storage items and load them as the first or last group according to unloading of the truck at the storage facility.

Investigate local area and storage facility

You can ask your local police station about the crime rate or if any incidence of theft or break-ins has occurred within the nearby locality of moving storage facility. You can also ask your moving company, landlord or a real estate agent who can give you reference of a suitable mini storage option.

Beside all above information you can also investigate by directly asking your storage facilities company in Houston about size, cost, facility of climate-control, and ability to access your belongings when required.

Look for The Key Facilities of Self-Storage Units in Houston.

Moving your home or office not only brings out life transitions for you but equally, it could be a frustrating and stress-inducing experience for you. At Westbell Fort Self Storage, we have many years of expertise to make your next big move a lot easier and stress-free by offering well-equipped self-storage facilities in Houston. Many times, people do a common mistake to find an ordinary storage space on rent for an unlimited period of time that neither provide the right storage environment nor the essential amenities for the overall safety of your valuables that ultimately causes a substantial financial loss. So, in this write-up, we are highlighting all those key facilities or amenities that you need to watch out for the best moving storage facility in Houston for your next move. Let’s take on each of them step by step:



Whether you are storing valuables of home or sensitive official documents, security of your belongings should be in the top priority for you and your storage units Houston provider. So, look out all those storage facilities that are helpful for the protection of your important assets: 

CCTV Surveillance: CCTV Cameras provide 24×7 security to the mini-storage space with their enhanced visibility to identify any suspicious activity and also notify authorities of mini-storage facilities. 

Abundant Indoor and outdoor lightening: Make sure nearby surrounding areas and walkways of moving storage facilities are well illuminated to ward off intruders and help to protect tenants’ belongings and employees in the dark. 

Safety Locks and Alarms. These Security systems help in alerting security personnel in an emergency situation of an attempted break-in. 

Passcode entry and fencing: These security measures allows limited access to the storage space that helps in minimizing unwanted visitors and reduced attempts of theft.


Controlled Storage Environment

Many households, office furniture, and document files are more susceptible to non-airy, humid, hot or extremely cold storage environment damage when exposed to exceptionally hot or cold temperatures and humidity. Therefore, to maintain long-term integrity of your belongings, look for an ideal self-storage facility in Houston having climate-controlled moving storage units.


Mini-Storage for Vehicles

Your old vehicles, cars, boats, and RVs can accommodate a large storage unit when not in use. In such a situation an outdoor storage facility in Houston can works best by offering sufficient space to accommodate larger boats, Cars, and RVs.

At Westbell Fort Self Storage, we also provide 24×7 customer care services to answer all your queries related to extensive self-storage facilities in Houston. We are nationally known for offering the best storage spaces at the fair prices without any hidden cost for the best customer satisfaction.

Important things to be considered while choosing a reliable self-storage facility.

Storage facilities Houston are lots more than just dump broken your excessive house or office belongings. A perfectly-managed and reliable self-storage is actually utilized as a valuable asset as an extension of your home or office to provide extra space. Many times, customers do a common mistake to hire the services of ordinary or unprofessional Houston storage unit facility without any thorough research that ultimately cause them a lot of money and disappointment.

To fulfill all your storage needs, West bell forte self-storage can provide a number of different sorts of reliable and well-equipped storage units Houston, readily available for rent. Here, in this write-up, we are sharing some needful things that you should consider to get the most out of your self- or mini-storage Houston facilities.


Search a nearby storage facility

If possible, look for self-storage facilities near to your office or house place or your city that will help you storing and retrieving your valuables, quickly, and with much ease.


Make a Checklist

It is recommended to make a checklist of all leading self-storage providers and communicate with them directly or through the e-mail to get the maximum possible information about each storage facility. Some key information that you need to ask; regarding rates, offered amenities, and hiring policies etc. Having knowledge about all needful information will help you hire an ideal moving-storage Houston facility.


Visit the site

Spare some time to visit the opted storage facility. Some professional providers of self-storage Houston even offer free tours to their potential clients. On visiting the site, personally will give you a better idea about the storage units environment.

If you are searching for a good and reliable storage facilities Houston then West bell forte self-storage can offer you a range of reliable and well-equipped Houston storage units and climate-controlled warehouses for special protection of your personal belongings, important documents, and commercial storage at the lowest prices.

Self-Storage storage facilities in Houston

Why people need Self-Storage storage facilities in Houston?

As compared to other options, such as renovating an existing home or office building or renting additional rooms, self-storage units Houston provide a convenient and economical alternative for many people and businesses wishing to keep their valuable assets and belongings in a secure place that’s completely protected from the external environment.

Besides the financial considerations, there are many other reasons that allow a large number of people using a self-storage Houston, an extension of their personal or professional space. Here, we have illustrated the main reasons out of many.

Downsizing Home Stuff

Sometimes situations arise when the people just look for downsizing their big homes into smaller spaces, either due to kids going off to college or job loss. In such situation, some decide to part with their extra belongings through garage sales or donating them to charity while others are deciding to keep at least a portion of their possessions in a reliable storage facility Houston. This gives them the option of eventually pulling all these items out of storage when moving back into a larger home or the choice of giving the items to family members when the time goes right.

Seasonal Storage Needs

In the festive seasons, house decoration becomes a bigger trend. Such extreme amounts of decorations have to live somewhere when not beautifying the house. So, there is no better thing than to avail the storage facilities Houston to store these extra items. The same holds true for lawn and garden items such as patio fire pits, furniture, umbrellas, outdoor bars and the many more. If you are looking to extend the life of specialized items, just put them in a climate-controlled Houston storage unit to keep them at a regulated temperature.

Making Room

People used to store so much stuff that can just fit in a home before it starts to feel cramped and cluttered. While they go into the process of cleaning, there may be lots of items that they just don’t feel like getting rid of even they don’t have enough space to keep extra stuff in the home. In such a situation, a mini storage Houston can be a good alternative to throwing items out. This is a better way to have a cleaner, and more presentable home while having the option to move all valuables whenever a need arises for it.

In short, different storage facilities Houston can solve a lot of space issues that people are facing today. They can even keep all their valuables and memorabilia safe and secure for short or long periods of time, besides creating the extra space in their homes.