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How Self Storage Can Benefit Your Business

A business is all about highs and lows. When the demand for your products increases, you tend to invest more in inventory. On the other hand, when the demand drops or ceases to exist, the collected inventory goes waste.

But, more often than not, the demand of the product regains demand after a seasonal cycle. Thus keeping the products aside, well packed and organized, is the wisest call.

This is where extra storage spaces prove handy. So, rent out a storage unit keeping in mind the features like space requirements, easy availability and convenient approach. Depending upon the things to the stocked, consider a unit befitted with climate control system.

Here are obvious benefits that an extra storage space will bestow:

  • Space to stock seasonal inventory – Storage space provides the required space to stock your ‘out-of-demand’ inventory or seasonal products.
  • Increases in-house storage space – When you store the ‘not required’ products in a separate storage unit, you allow yourself extra space to stock the ‘in-trend’ utilities. This will enable you to concentrate on the required things and grow your business boundlessly.
  • Reduces incidence of product damage – Frequent handling invariably damages things. Stocking the unwanted things at a different location cuts down on incidence of product damage drastically.
  • Avoid frustration – You’ll obviously not want to open up the same box again and again and end up frustrated saying, “Oh no, this is not what I want”! Encountering these situations often will not only leave you frustrated but also keep your customers waiting. It’s rather better to keep the ‘not required’ utilities out of sight till they are required again.

If you are also aiming at expanding your business don’t let space constraints pull you down. At West Bellfort Self Storage, we provide the most trusted self storage facilities in Houston. We don’t just accommodate the needs of house owners, but also provide convenient storage units for big and small enterprises. Call us at 281-561-0200 to know more about our wide array of storage options and related services.

Residential Storage Simplified

As they say, ‘Change is the only constant’. Everything is subject to change. The rule holds water for every facet of life including what one desires and requires in life. Needless to say, our storage spaces requirements also change with passage of time. Important life events like marriage and birth considerably alter the storage requirements.

In fact, as we grow, we tend to acquire more and more stuff without disposing off the existing belongings. Drastic changes in weather conditions in the current location or moving to a different location having varied climatic conditions also necessitate the need for extra storage space.

At times, the extra storage space requirement may only be temporary in nature. One may be going for a vacation. While one is away, there must be a mechanism to safeguard the prized possessions back home. Rental storage space thus comes as a handy option. But bottom line is the identification of the belongings that are to be necessarily stored.

One must neatly pack all the stuff that has to be stored. Ideally, a list of belongings that have been placed inside should be pasted outside the carton. This avoids unnecessary movement and unpacking of material when the requisite items have to be retrieved.

Extending the same logic, fragile and delicate items should be stored separately in distinct packages. Such packages should be kept in the least visited corner of the storage premises to avoid breakage and loss.
While identifying the ideal storage unit, one must keep the following factors in mind; distance, approach, accessibility, climate control and size. In case you need expert help to sort out any of the storage related issues, get in touch with West Bellfort Self Storage. You may simply give a call 281-561-0200 and choose from a wide array of storage options and related services that Heights Mini Storage offers.

Tips To Protect Your Belongings at Self-Storage Units

Well maintained and organized self storage units provide ample space for storing your belongings. Right from dumping sparingly used commodities to stocking household and office stuff and valuables; self storage units come up as the ideal facility when space is a major constraint.

But are your belongings safe? Although the self storage units are safe and well protected; but it’s better to play safe. You’ll obviously not want to end up losing your entire fortune to a burglary or break-in. Right?

Here’s a quick look into the numerous types of locks you can use to further safeguard your belongings against theft.

  • Keyless Locks: Keyless locks operate without keys. These kinds of locks do not require a key and instead require feeding in a number code or only operational with registered fingerprints. These locks post the biggest advantage of convenience. With no worry of losing or misplacing keys, they ensure added protection and quick access.
  • Disc Locks: These locks provide the perfect combination of security and ease-of-use. Though just one twist of the key will get you in and out, it’s one of the hardest to tamper with. The deep rooted hasp cannot be reached easily and grinding off takes times and makes a good amount of noise.
  • Coupler Locks: Perfectly designed to snugly fit over most storage locker doors, these locks conceal the hardened bolt beneath to provide the maximum protection. Designed with anti-picking technology, it’s nearly impossible to cut through them with bolt cutters and grinders.
  • Combination locks: Combination locks bring together the benefits of keying and number coding. To gain admission, both things have to be in place. They offer maximum and all round protection.
  • Other considerations: Besides choosing the right type of lock, the size of the lock is also important. Smaller locks are easy to remove and pick. So choose the biggest lock that will fit the latch.

Also, if your self-storage unit has outdoor access like a drive-up storage unit, choose a lock that can withstand elements of weather. Iron locks will rust away, making break-in easier. Opting for stainless steel locks is thus the best option.

Secure and fully protected self-storage facilities along with the best locks bestow maximum protection. At West Bellfort Self Storage, we provide the safest self storage units in Houston. Our facilities are well-lit, properly fenced and deployed with a 24/7 on-site property manager. You can also avail one-off facilities to further upgrade the security levels. Call us today at 281-561-0200 to find out more about our distinguished solutions.

Handy Tips for Moving and Storage of Fragile Items

Moving and shifting are exciting events. Relocation opens plethora of opportunities to rise and grow. But the event can turn nightmarish just with the thought of packing, loading and moving. And when it comes to packing fragile items the temperatures rise further. After all, you’ve spent a fortune acquiring them!


Thus, it’s prudent to safeguard your fragile and breakables such as glassware, electronics and antiques using the right packing and moving techniques.


Mentioned below are a few handy tips that ensure maximum protection to your breakables.


Use the Right Packing Materials:

Fragile items are susceptible to breaking or cracking. A fall, slight jerk or mishandling can easily set them to pieces. Packing of breakables and fragile items, thus, is a matter of great skill and dexterity. To avoid your fragile items from getting damaged during the transition, use the right materials and follow the appropriate packing techniques. Before you actually get down to the job get your boxes, bubble wraps, newspapers/packing papers, old towels and rugs, packing peanuts and markers ready.


Avoid Overstuffing:

While it’s important to remain within the allocated storage space and to use space prudently, you should always avoid overstuffing of fragile items into one carton. The more things we push into one box, higher are the odds of breakage and damage.


Secure the Bottom:

While we take utmost care to wrap and tape up the box tightly, we forget to get the base ready. Before you begin to start stacking up things in the carton ensure that the bottom is tightly taped and secured to avoid a fall down when the box is picked.


Label Each Box Properly:

Once you are done with the stacking bit, seal the top of the box with thick, broad tape and label each box as ‘fragile’. Also, do not forget to mark the top side of the box. These indications will remind anyone handling the box to be watchful when transporting or stacking the boxes.


These simple, easy to follow steps ensure that your transition to your new residence, office or storage unit is smooth. If packed carefully your belongings will be safe, secure and readily accessible whenever needed.

Tips to Use Storage Space Effectively

You have lots of possessions, but not enough space in your home to stack it? Storage shortage can pose to be quite problematic, especially if you live in a small house or apartment. No worries! You’ll be amazed at the possibilities that can open up in your existing space. With a little imagination, a bit of creativity and some organizing skills, you can find ways and means to neatly hoard your belongings in underused nooks and crannies. Read on for some clever home storage solutions.

  • Install Shelving: Store bought inserts enables you to take advantage of the less-used vertical space. However, make sure not to stack too many boxes on top of each other, or else the bottom ones will crumple under the weight. Shelving not only helps pack right up to the ceiling but also keeps the cartons structurally sound.
  • Uniform Boxes: Uniform boxes are perfect for storing personal items. Remember to place heavier stuff at the bottom and the lighter items on top. Also fill in the gaps with packing paper to protect and keep the contents stable.
  • Vacuum Bags: Vacuum bags are very handy to pack bulky items in an organized manner for long term storage. The bags completely seal the stuff and keep mold, mildew, odors, and bugs at bay.
  • Label & Keep Inventory: If you are packing away a whole lot of items, odds of your storage becoming ‘out of sight, out of mind’ are high. It is wise to label the boxes clearly and keep an inventory of what is inside. This will help retrieve something you need down the road, without too much headache.
  • Prioritize: Keep frequently used items within arm’s reach of the cabinet and the lesser used ones at the back. Thoughtfully stored stuff will allow you to access your belongings without shuffling and upsetting your organizational system.
  • Fragile Goods: Wrap glassware and crystal individually in bubble paper and surround it with extra cushioning to reduce the odds of breakage. Ensure the delicate pieces make up the top layer of your carton. Also, don’t forget to use ‘Fragile’ stickers on the outside of boxes.

Storage does not have to be a hassle! If planned meticulously your possessions will be safe, secure and readily accessible when needed. However, if you still need more storage space, consider renting a unit. Look no further than West Bellfort Self Storage to accommodate your needs! As Houston’s premium storage facility, we stop at nothing but to guarantee excellent service and complete satisfaction. Call us today at 281-561-0200 to find out more about our distinguished solutions.