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Things Best Stored in Climate Controlled Units

Storing away your belongings in a self-storage unit is the best way to create additional space. Whether it’s organizing existing space or getting ready for a seasonal change or simply to create an additional space to accommodate growing needs; self storage units come in handy at every point. But imagine a situation wherein you rent out a self storage unit only to find your belongings and stuff damaged when their need arose.

Temperature variations along with humidity play spoil sport and damage goods and belongings. While some belongings are robust enough to stand these temperature variations, there are many other that get spoiled when exposed to extreme temperatures. This is where self storage units equipped with climate controlled systems prove helpful. Listed below are a few items that should be stored in a climate control self-storage:

  • Paperwork: Paper is bound to get damaged when exposed to extreme weather conditions. It loses color and fades, making it practically useless. So it is important that important documents like legal documents, photographs, medical records, etc should be kept safely in a self storage unit that is equipped with a climate control system.
  • Electronic Gadgets: Electronic gadgets like phones, cameras, gaming consoles, LED screens, etc operate best when stored at optimum temperatures. Climate controlled self storage units prevent electronics from corroding. So, when storing valuable electronic gadgets in a self storage unit, ensure that the facility is climate controlled.
  • Antiques: Antiques especially metal pieces lose their sheen when exposed to extremely high or low temperatures. Excessive humidity levels also damage the furniture upholstery and furnishings. So, it is recommended that these items are best stored in a climate controlled self storage unit.
  • Natural Materials: Natural materials like leather, suede and wood tend to crack and break upon exposure to extreme weather conditions. So, to keep such items intact and worthy for long periods, it is important that they are stored in a self storage facility that has climate control system.

It is understandable that climate controlled self-storage units would come at a marginally higher price. But given their safety and wellness features, they are worth their cost. At West Bellfort Self Storage Houston, we understand the importance of such facilities. Despite offering hi-end storage facilities in Houston, we make sure that our prices are extremely low and easily affordable. Call us at 281-561-0200 to know more about our customized services and storage facilities in Houston.

Self-Storage – House Owner’s Best Friend

Home owners usually invest in more commodities than they can actually house. Furniture, appliances, gadgets, books, clothing; the list gets endless. And with seasonal variations the need to buy season-specific items soars further. But unfortunately, not everyone has huge mansions to accommodate all purchases. So, do we cram everything in our house or do we actually limit purchasing? Well, not really. There’s another simple way to address this issue! Avail self storage facilities in Houston.

Here are a few time-tested benefits of renting a self-storage unit in Houston

  • Create Extra Space – When you keep stocking stuff in your living room or bedroom without arranging them properly, it clutters the entire house. This not only makes the interiors untidy and unglamorous, but things are bound to get damaged too. Wardrobes too ooze out every time they are opened. Storing stuff in a self-storage unit helps organize belongings and helps you utilize them at the opportune hour.
  • Maximum Protection – Self-storage units in Houston are certainly a home away from home. As safe and well equipped as a residential or commercial set-up, they offer outclass safety and protection to store goods until they are to be put to use again. For added protection, storage facilities in Houston are equipped with climate-control units that maintain ideal temperatures for storing delicate items. Security cameras and round the clock vigilance confer safety against thefts and burglaries.
  • 24/7 Access – Self-storage units in Houston provide the advantage of 24/7 access. Storing and swapping items at the time most convenient is the most enjoyed and relished feature of a self-storage facility.
  • Cuts Moving Blues – Moving and relocating is a stressful task. The idea of packing and moving everything in one go can be really impossible at times. Self-storage units, thus, comes up as effective way to move in parts. They provide the much needed space to store things upon vacating house. The belongings can be moved when you’ve actually moved to the new location.

Self Storage units offer exceptional benefits to house owners. At West Bellfort Self Storage in Houston, we provide the best facilities and services in the region. Conveniently located and equipped with the best and the latest facilities, we promise to provide the most sought after self-storage facilities Houston. Round the clock security and safety devices ensure that your belongings are safe throughout. Call us at 281-561-0200 to get the most affordable and customized deals for self-storage facilities in Houston.

Tips for Storing Summer Clothes

As summer draws to a close everyone will soon get busy packing and stocking their summer stuff. The light summer clothing will soon replace the warm winter wear only to be swapped again at the end of fall.

Thus, it is therefore important that the summer clothes are stored properly this fall. This will ensure that the clothes are not damaged and can be used again. Here are some useful storing tips for keeping away your summer stuff:

Thus, taking simple precautions and by taking easy steps and techniques one can safeguard their prized possessions from damage and deterioration. A few tested tips include:

  • Discard what’s worn out: Change of season is the perfect time to figure out what is required and what needs to be thrown away or discarded. Carefully screening your clothes for stained, torn, damaged or ill-fitted garments will not only save you from the hassle of packing and storing everything but also help you save on space, leading to considerable saving in form of rentals of self-storage units.
  • Pack and Seal Properly: The clothes should be properly washed and dried before keeping them away. Fold them properly and pack similar clothes together e.g. put all shorts in one box and all t-shirts in the other. Either use see-through containers or label the cartons properly before sealing them. One should ideally seal the clothes in plastic bags before keeping them in boxes. This will protect the garments from moisture and damages pertaining to temperature variations. Do not fold and stock delicate clothes. Instead, consider using padded hangers and hang them carefully.
  • Freshen Things Up To ensure that you get the clothes back fresh and new, toss a sachet of lavender or rosemary into the storage box. But use good quality incense sticks or powdered material that does not leave marks or stains on the clothes. One can also add a few moth balls to keep insects and rodents at bay.
  • Opt for Climate Control Self-Storage Units: Garments are made from delicate materials that get damaged on exposure to extreme temperature variations. So, opt for self-storage units that are equipped with climate control systems that make sure that the garments are stored at the ideal temperatures until next spring rolls around.

Packing out summer stuff will help you free up space for keeping winter garments. At West Bellfort Self Storage in Houston we provide the best facilities to keep your belongings well-protected and safe. We are conveniently located, fully equipped and the offer the most affordable self-storage units in Houston. Call 281-561-0200 for further information.

How to Store Furniture in Self-Storage Units

Speculating storing furniture in a self-storage unit? There may be numerous reasons backing the idea…and why not? These spaces provide comfortable and convenient spaces to keep your furniture pieces safe and intact. And when their need arises again, one can safely get them back to use.

But storing furniture pieces into a self storage unit has to be well thought and perfectly executed. Simply dumping furniture without taking steps to safeguard and protect them will result in chipping off, breakage and discoloration of the furniture. The upholstery too wears away defeating the purpose of availing a self storage unit.

Thus, taking simple precautions and by taking easy steps and techniques one can safeguard their prized possessions from damage and deterioration. A few tested tips include:

  • Dismantle and store : A furniture item is an assortment of various parts. Unbreakable, hard, fragile and soft; everything comes in together to craft out a beautiful piece. Thus, understandably, each part would require different preventive methodologies to safeguard them. Therefore, the best way forward is to dismantle them and pack them according to their specific type.
  • Do Not Plastic Wrap Wood : Although plastic have characteristics of being a perfect wrapping material, it is not the ideal one for covering wooden furniture. Furniture pieces made out of natural materials breathe and plastic wrapping do not allow air to pass through. This suffocation causes wood to develop cracks and chips, damaging the entire piece. Paper wrap and cotton covers therefore work best for wood. And plastic is perfect for covering upholstery. But be careful! Not to plastic wrap leather upholstery.
  • Pack Properly : Each furniture piece should be carefully packed. The covers should also be closely selected. They should neither be too big nor too small to fit. While small covers will hinder the exchange of air, covers that are too big in size will allow dust and dirt particles to pass through, damaging the piece.
  • Handle Them Carefully : The furniture pieces should be moved, loaded and unloaded carefully. Creating ramps, trails, etc and using the carefully engineered techniques to move them will ensure that they remain free from unwanted chips, scratches and dents. One can consider availing professional services of movers and packers to load and unload furniture pieces at the self-storage unit in Houston.

Self-storage units are perfect for keeping priced furniture pieces away for some time. If used prudently, the self-storage units can provide ample space to stock and store other things too. West Bellfort Self Storage in Houston is a trusted and well equipped provider of self storage facilities. We offer customized deals at the most affordable rates. Call 281-561-0200 for further information.

Self-Storage Units – Effective Cost Saving Tips

Self storage unit is an effective way to create an extra space for your house or office. It not only gives you added space to keep aside your goods carefully but also helps you to circulate stuff as per need. While business owners get an opportunity to invest in the latest in the business without facing space constraints, homeowners can exercise and enjoy their hobbies without facing that space crunch.

But whatever be the reason of hiring a self-storage unit in Houston, one has to shell out an additional cost to avail the facility. However, by simply taking note of a few points one can enjoy the benefits of self storage units without burning a hole in the pocket.

  • Opt for the Right Size: Self storage units can be used by people from different spectrums of life. Be it homeowners, business people, offices, students, vacation goers or avid travelers; anyone and everyone can avail the facilities of self storage units to keep their goods and belongings safe and secure.
  • Upgrade When Need Arises: It is prudent not to pre-plan and pre-book a space thinking it will fill up over time. This will save you on the cost of something you are not using currently. The better way would be to upgrade your space when the need actually arises.
  • Bargain: When renting a self storage facility for a fairly long time, bargain and negotiate the rental cost with the service provider. One can also consider paying advance rentals to strike the best deal.
  • Evaluate Facilities: While it is important to compare the prices of self storage units, compare and evaluate the facilities too. The distance, services offered, security levels; each factor is equally important while hiring a self storage facility in Houston.
  • Re-check You Need Regularly: Self storage units are not just about storing things. Regularly assess what you’ve stored and discard the items no longer required. This will help you store things in smaller units and thereby saving costs.

Cutting corners wherever required translates into big savings. At West Bellfort Self Storage, we value your money and therefore offer facilities that best meet your needs and pocket. To know more about our self-storage units and customized services, call us at 281-561-0200.

Self Storage FAQs

Whether you are moving home or just need some extra space to accommodate your worldly needs; self storage comes in handy in every case. Available on a minimal rent for duration that best fits individual needs, storage facility in Houston are here to stay. But how exactly do they help you? Here are clear answers to some frequently asked questions pertaining to storage units in Houston:

  • Who all can avail the benefits of self storage facilities?
    Self storage units can be used by people from different spectrums of life. Be it homeowners, business people, offices, students, vacation goers or avid travelers; anyone and everyone can avail the facilities of self storage units to keep their goods and belongings safe and secure.
  • What all can be stored in a self storage units?
    Self storage units are the best place to store your extra belongings. From important paper work, household belongings to furniture, appliances and more, everything can go into a self storage unit. However, there is a definite list of things that cannot be stored in a self storage unit. These include but are not limited to combustible and flammable materials, chemicals, hazardous materials and firearms. Also, one cannot keep living things (humans or pets) in the self storage unit.
  • Are the units safe?
    The self storage units are equipped with the latest security gadgets and equipments. 24 hour round the clock security personnel, CCTV cameras and high end surveillance system, a self storage unit provides all. Furthermore, in addition to the individual self-storage locking system, at West Bellfort Self Storage, we allow our customers to use their own padlocks for enhanced security.
  • What size do I need?
    Self storage units are available in different sizes. Right from a 5X5 closet to a 10X20 square feet portion, one can choose the size depending upon their requirement and needs.
  • How long can I avail the services?
    Staring from as less as a few days to years at length, one can avail the services of a self storage unit. However, the renewal of the contract is dependent on the fact that all dues are cleared timely.
  • Are my belongings insured?
    A self storage unit takes adequate steps to safeguard the belongings therein. However, there is no insurance cover or liability in case of damage caused due to theft or any untoward natural calamity.

Self-storage units prove to a convenient and effective recourse in many situations. If you too are looking for safe and well equipped storage spaces, West Bellfort Self Storage is a trusted name in Houston. To know more about our self-storage units and facilities, call us at 281-561-0200.

Self-Storage Units For Business

The needs and requirements of a business vary from time to time. Be it seasonal variations, changing trends or a sudden influx of a fashion gear; a business has to remain active on every front. But paucity of space often acts as a stumbling block, holding back many from operating to their full capacity.

Thankfully, self-storage facilities in Houston provide the business operators with the much needed space to store and stock their extra materials and stocks.

Here are different ways in which a business can fruitfully utilize self-storage spaces in Houston:

  • Stocking Seasonal Stuff – With the change in season a business needs to shuffle its stock and materials – stocking the current needs and keeping aside the seasonal leftovers in a planned and meticulous way. Self-storage facilities in Houston provide the ideal spaces to stock such items.
  • Keeping Pace with Changing Trends: In the fast changing world, keeping abreast with the changing trends is important. Self storage facilities provide the much needed space to stock such items and make the most when the market is hot.
  • Effective Downsizing: The ups and downs of business operations affect all. While extra storage space always comes in handy in the up-times of the business, they are equally effective in the down-time too. To move from a bigger office to a smaller space one can effectively store the extra commodities in a self storage unit, saving on high office rentals. And once the business is back in tide shifting back to designated office spaces makes sense.
  • Potent For Online Business: If your business is into online trading, investing in high rentals for office spaces makes no sense. Instead, one can rent out self storage units to store in-stock items and get them delivered directly.

Self-storage facilities provide comprehensive benefits for business set-ups. West Bellfort Self Storage is a trusted name in Houston. Conveniently located, well equipped, safe and hygienic; we offer self storage facilities that help cater to your business needs without risk of damage. Call at 281-561-0200, to know more about our self-storage units and facilities offered.

Are Self Storage Units Helpful?

Be it home, office or business premises, we invariably invest in far greater things than what we can store. This not only results in removing the older stuff to accommodate newer items, but also prompts stacking and dumping, making stuff lose it shine and sheen.

But shortage of space should not hold you back from shopping your heart out. In fact, it is for this simple reason that the concept of self-storage units has picked wave in the recent times. Self storage units don’t just provide the extra space to store your belongings, but also provide utmost safety and security to ensure that the stored goods remain in perfect condition.

Here are a few ways in which self-storage units prove helpful:

  • Extra Space – Be it seasonal supplies, items related to a certain hobby, extra office equipment or anything that is not currently required, self storage units provide comfortable and convenient spaces to store belongings.
  • Safe and Secure storage – Self storage units confer utmost safety and security to the goods. Being well-equipped with the latest amenities and facilities, they help you keep the belongings safely until their need and utility arises again.
  • Right Sized – For those who operate on a tight budget and are planning to downsize costs, shared office space is the best option to do so. Without cutting down on opportunities of growth and the share of facilities of amenities used, shared office spaces help bring down office lease rentals drastically.
  • U-Haul Trucks, Trailers, Equipments – Depending upon the facility one avails; self storage units provide assistance with U-Haul trucks, trailers and other equipments for easy loading, unloading of stuff and comfortable access to belongings.

Self storage units provide a comprehensive package of all aforementioned services. The clean, safe and hygienic environment helps store belongings without risk of damage. Besides offering the best of services and facilities, at West Bellfort Self Storage, we also provide the strategic location advantage. Conveniently located at the corner of West Bellfort and Beltway 8, we have the most approachable self storage units in Houston. Call us at 281-561-0200, to know more about our self-storage units.

Is your Self Storage Unit Safe?

Self storage units typically offer space to store goods and stuff that you don’t require currently. Understandably, the stored stuff is out of sight until its need emerges again. Therefore it is all the more important that the space and facility you rent should be safe and well protected to safeguard your priced possessions.

Safety is one parameter that people who hire self storage units for storing their belongings are concerned about. Thus, different self storage operators are resorting to different techniques and methods to ensure outclass safety and security.

Below are a few safety arrangements made by fully secured self storage units:

  • High Walls and Fully Fenced – Storehouses that ensure high class security have external walls that are built high. They are fully fenced to prevent thieves and intruders to trespass. Motion detectors and electrical fencing provide the added protection.
  • Restricted Entry – Not everyone can enter the self storage unit. Security personnel are deployed at entry gates who check the identity and authenticity of the entrants. Only staff and customer, therefore, are allowed to visit the storage area.
  • Security Cameras and Surveillance system – Security officials patrol the storehouse 24/7. Equipped with high focus cameras and theft alarms, these gadgets make it difficult for intruders to invade. The CCTV cameras are attached to monitors and screens installed in the control room wherein operators keep check on every activity within and outside the premises.
  • Personal Keys and Locks – Besides the high-end safety mechanism provided by the storehouse, customers can also use personal locks to safeguard their belongings. The keys of the personal locks are available only with the customer, so it adds to the comfort level.
  • Fire Alarm – In addition to the techniques and safety measures to keep thieves and intruders at bay, a self storage unit should also be well equipped to alert about impending natural calamities. Fire alarms and earth quake alarms are just a few technologies that can help safeguard stored materials.

Every customer wants to store belongings without any risk of damage and loss. While many may believe that every facility comes at an added price, but it’s not the case with us. At West Bellfort Self Storage, we offer superior and fully equipped storage spaces without overcharging a cent. Conveniently located at the corner of West Bellfort and Beltway 8, we offer the most secured self storage units Houston. Call us at 281-561-0200, to know more about our wide range of self storage units.

Advantages of Renting a Self Storage Unit

Self storage units are the perfect spaces for storing seldom and rarely used items safely. Available in different sizes and packed with varied facilities, the rentals depend upon the capacity of the unit and duration for which one rents it. At the end of the day, self storage units helps de-clutter homes and offices, increasing worthy in-house spaces.

Here are a few proven benefits of self storage units:

  • Safe Storage – Self storage units allow people to keep their valuables safe and secure. Equipped with superior locks, advanced security gadgets, alarms, CCTV cameras and 24/7 on-site security; self storage units provide overall protection. With nothing to worry about, one enjoys great peace of mind.
  • Advanced Facilities – Self storage units are equipped with advanced facilities and amenities that ensure outclass performance. Climate control systems, trolleys and support gear, well-equipped storage units promise no risk of damage and loss. Ample aisle space and wooden pallets to store and stack goods, self storage units confer great convenience to carry and unload goods. Furthermore, 24 hour power supply and accessibility add to their convenience and performance.
  • Cost Advantages – Self storage units can be rented for durations that meet the client’s requirements. From a few days to weeks or for prolonged periods, storage units are available on no lease. Also, as rents are paid on monthly basis, they come easy on the pocket. Clients who need to book self storage units for long durations can also enjoy customized deals and discount offers.

Self storage units are undoubtedly the best way to store when a need to store personal belongings exists temporarily. If you too wish to store your belongings safely, West Bellfort Self Storage units offer the best facilities. Conveniently located at the corner of West Bellfort and Beltway in Houston, our units are right sized and outfitted with the latest amenities. Call us at 281-561-0200, to learn more about our wide range and customized deals of self storage units.