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Is your Self Storage Unit Safe?

Self storage units typically offer space to store goods and stuff that you don’t require currently. Understandably, the stored stuff is out of sight until its need emerges again. Therefore it is all the more important that the space and facility you rent should be safe and well protected to safeguard your priced possessions.

Safety is one parameter that people who hire self storage units for storing their belongings are concerned about. Thus, different self storage operators are resorting to different techniques and methods to ensure outclass safety and security.

Below are a few safety arrangements made by fully secured self storage units:

  • High Walls and Fully Fenced – Storehouses that ensure high class security have external walls that are built high. They are fully fenced to prevent thieves and intruders to trespass. Motion detectors and electrical fencing provide the added protection.
  • Restricted Entry – Not everyone can enter the self storage unit. Security personnel are deployed at entry gates who check the identity and authenticity of the entrants. Only staff and customer, therefore, are allowed to visit the storage area.
  • Security Cameras and Surveillance system – Security officials patrol the storehouse 24/7. Equipped with high focus cameras and theft alarms, these gadgets make it difficult for intruders to invade. The CCTV cameras are attached to monitors and screens installed in the control room wherein operators keep check on every activity within and outside the premises.
  • Personal Keys and Locks – Besides the high-end safety mechanism provided by the storehouse, customers can also use personal locks to safeguard their belongings. The keys of the personal locks are available only with the customer, so it adds to the comfort level.
  • Fire Alarm – In addition to the techniques and safety measures to keep thieves and intruders at bay, a self storage unit should also be well equipped to alert about impending natural calamities. Fire alarms and earth quake alarms are just a few technologies that can help safeguard stored materials.

Every customer wants to store belongings without any risk of damage and loss. While many may believe that every facility comes at an added price, but it’s not the case with us. At West Bellfort Self Storage, we offer superior and fully equipped storage spaces without overcharging a cent. Conveniently located at the corner of West Bellfort and Beltway 8, we offer the most secured self storage units in Houston. Call us at 281-561-0200, to know more about our wide range of self storage units.

Advantages of Renting a Self Storage Unit

Self storage units are the perfect spaces for storing seldom and rarely used items safely. Available in different sizes and packed with varied facilities, the rentals depend upon the capacity of the unit and duration for which one rents it. At the end of the day, self storage units helps de-clutter homes and offices, increasing worthy in-house spaces.

Here are a few proven benefits of self storage units:

  • Safe Storage – Self storage units allow people to keep their valuables safe and secure. Equipped with superior locks, advanced security gadgets, alarms, CCTV cameras and 24/7 on-site security; self storage units provide overall protection. With nothing to worry about, one enjoys great peace of mind.
  • Advanced Facilities – Self storage units are equipped with advanced facilities and amenities that ensure outclass performance. Climate control systems, trolleys and support gear, well-equipped storage units promise no risk of damage and loss. Ample aisle space and wooden pallets to store and stack goods, self storage units confer great convenience to carry and unload goods. Furthermore, 24 hour power supply and accessibility add to their convenience and performance.
  • Cost Advantages – Self storage units can be rented for durations that meet the client’s requirements. From a few days to weeks or for prolonged periods, storage units are available on no lease. Also, as rents are paid on monthly basis, they come easy on the pocket. Clients who need to book self storage units for long durations can also enjoy customized deals and discount offers.

Self storage units are undoubtedly the best way to store when a need to store personal belongings exists temporarily. If you too wish to store your belongings safely, West Bellfort Self Storage units offer the best facilities. Conveniently located at the corner of West Bellfort and Beltway in Houston, our units are right sized and outfitted with the latest amenities. Call us at 281-561-0200, to learn more about our wide range and customized deals of self storage units.

Self-storage Units for Students

It’s nearly the time of the year where old students pass out and new ones are all geared to join the university. Packing and stacking goods and belongings, vacating premises or renting and moving into news ones; everything comes as a matter of fact. But howsoever straight forward it may look and sound, getting down to executing the task is cumbersome and painstaking.

And if you are to get back after the summer break you’d be contemplating whether to pay rent for your existing accommodation or to pack and move your entire belongings back home. Obviously, at the end of the break you’ll be required to carry everything back and start your search for a new accommodation afresh. In either case, you’ll be shelling out huge amounts of money. Not to miss, the inconvenience and stress involved in moving everything, every year.

This is where self storage units come handy. Self storage units are small spaces that are available for renting privately. Conveniently located, well equipped and fully secured, these are viable options to store your belongings while you’re on move.

Advantages of Self Storage Units for Students:

  • Convenient – Packing everything and carrying stuff back home is not the most sensible and convenient option. On the contrary, self storage units are available in varied sizes and several in-house facilities. You just have to choose the most appropriate one and stack your stuff until you are back.
  • Cost Effective – Although packing and moving everything back home may appear to be cheapest option, in reality it’s not. The inconvenience of moving with everything and the risk of damage, loss and breakage during transit may make the move a costly one. Instead, resorting to the services of a self storage unit will surely help you enjoy stress-free and the most cost-effective services.
  • Fully Secured Facilities – Self storage units are well protected and offer 24/7 security facility. This ensures that your belongings are fully secure and safe with no chance of theft and loss.
  • Damage Free Storage – In case you need to store belongings that require a constant temperature system, self storage units is the best bet. Equipped with climate control systems, these provide well protected storage facilities to ensure maximum safety.

If you are in search of the best and the most well equipped self-storage units in Houston, West Bell fort Self Storage is the place to be. Conveniently located in Houston, we provide the right sized units outfitted with the latest facilities. Our services are safe, reliable yet cheap and affordable. Call us at 281-561-0200, to learn more about our wide range of self storage units.

5 Tips for Storing Your Amenities in Self-Storage Units

Whether you are moving out on a new assignment only to be back after a few months or heading out for some adventure, recreation and action, keeping your things back home safe and secure is an important pre-requisite.

Storage units thus prove handy when it comes to storing household utilities. Storage units don’t just save you from the hassles of carrying your stuff but also helps you keep your belongings safe from the dangers of theft and loss.

Having said this, one still needs to be cautious about storing household stuff in self storage units. Here are top 5 tips for storing your amenities in self-storage units:

  • Know your needs - Prepare a list of all the items you want to store in the storage unit. From knick-knacks to expensive furniture, electronics and clothes, the better you know your needs the easier it will be to hunt for a storage unit that accommodates your requirements perfectly. In case your belongings require constant temperatures, go in for storage units equipped with climate control systems.
  • Pack them perfectly - You’ll definitely not want to get back to damaged and spoilt products. Ensure that you wrap and pack your stuff perfectly, protecting them from dust, stains and spill marks.
  • Disassemble to break them down to smaller pieces - The more space your belongings would take, higher will be the area required leading to an increase in the storage cost. Disassembling your furniture and equipments into smaller handy and manageable parts before storing them is a viable option.
  • Stack them prudently - Proper storage will surely keep the shape and structure of the furniture intact. Keeping heavy and big structures at the bottom and lighter boxes on top is the key. Make sure you do not keep the furniture directly on the floor level. Use pallets to keep them off the floor. This will help avoid any damage caused due to melting snow.
  • Secure them properly - While all storage units provide round the clock safety, it always pays to be well protected. Use an all-weather lock pad to enhance the safety of your storage space.

If you too are looking for self-storage units in Houston go if for the best facilities. At West Bellfort Self Storage, we provide the right sized units all outfitted with the latest amenities. Conveniently located and well equipped, our self-storage units in Houston are cheap and affordable. Call us at 281-561-0200, to learn more about our wide range of self storage units.

How to store landscaping equipment

Maintaining proper yards is an important aspect of American living. With spring round the corner, Americans get down to turning and towing their gardens to enjoy the whiff of fresh air and greenery all around. And with the fall and winter, they wrap up everything and get indoors into the cozy comforts of their house waiting again for the beautiful spring.

With every change of season, lawn mowers, edger, handheld trowels and ground shovels come into use and then get dumped during end-of-season maintenance. And given the cost of these equipments and gears, it’s important to store them perfectly. You’ll obviously not want to spend a fortune to get them back in shape.

Here are tips to prepare your landscaping equipment for storage during the end-of-season.

  • Wash properly: Chainsaws, ground shovels, hoes, lawn mowers, rakes, trowels, weed whackers; each tool should be wash properly to remove any caked-on soil or weeds.
  • Drain out the fuel: Equipments like trimmer, lawn mower and blower which require oil for operation should be cleaned and dried properly before storing. In fact, there should be no traces of oil in the oil tank. Oil left in the tank during the offseason storage dries up, causing flaky residues. This in turn reduces the efficiency of the equipment and shortens the life of the engine.
  • Clear off the rust: Ensure that your equipment is sans the rust. Storing rusted equipment and tools will allow it to grow and deteriorate the metal parts. Take adequate steps to remove the existing rust and also take preventive measures to curtail its presence.
  • Replace damaged or broken parts: Ensure that your equipment is perfectly up-to-date at the time of storing. This will help you bring it to use immediately at the onset of season without unnecessary delays.
  • Store properly: Once you are done with the cleaning bit, ensure that you store your landscaping equipment properly. Pick the right sized self storage facility so that you don’t have to over stock as this may result in dents and breakage.

If you too are looking for self-storage units that offer the right sized units with the perfect amenities, West Bellfort Self Storage is the obvious choice. Conveniently located and fully equipped, we provide outclass self storage facilities in Houston. Call us at 281-561-0200, to know more about our wide range of self storage units.

Things You Should Not Store in Your Attic

Need to store your priced possessions? Attic and crawl spaces offer handy options to store stuff within the house. Within reach, accessible even during odd hours and definitely a no-cost affair. But despite these proven benefits, these dull and dreary areas aren’t the perfect spaces to stock items.

Here’s a comprehensive list of items you should not store in your attic:

  • Fabric and Clothing – Be it delicate summer wear or cozy winter dressing; any plant or animal based fiber is a treat for moths, insects and pests. These innocuous looking creatures grow and breed in the moist and damp conditions and nibble upon your priced possessions.
  • Antiques and Furniture Made from Natural Materials – Furniture and décor items made from natural material are susceptible to damage when stored in damp conditions. Humid air damages wood and upholstered furniture beyond repair.
  • Files and Paperwork – Birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, academic records, medical reports, photos, books, and artwork; the list gets endless. While their importance cannot be undermined, they need substantial space for storage. And attics and crawl are a big ‘NO’ when it comes to storing these important papers. Excess moisture and extreme heat conditions can make discolor and damage papers, making them worthless.
  • Food Items –Perfect temperatures, limited lighting and minimum footfall; attic and crawl spaces are haven for pests and rodents. Storing eatables in attic and crawl spaces will be providing them with a feast.
  • Flammable Items- As hot air rises, attics are the hottest spaces when the exterior temperatures begin to rise. Storing flammable things like furnace, water heater, dryer, fireplace, or a stove or oven in the attic can increase risk of fire. Storing gasoline, propane, kerosene, or other hazardous chemicals is also not recommended.

Opting for self-storage units to store and stack your utilities is thus a prudent option. Self-storage units are equipped with facilities and technologies that moderate temperatures and humidity levels, providing the optimum safety conditions. If you too are looking for self-storage units to keep your stuff intact, West Bellfort Self Storage is the clear choice. Conveniently located, we provide the best equipped self storage facilities in Huston. Call us at 281-561-0200, to know more about our wide range of storage options and related services.

Tips to Store Winter Clothes

Winters are passé and summer is around the corner. With the season taking its vivid turn, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe too. Keeping aside winter wear and taking out the bright and colorful summer wear, the refurbishing definitely bestows a gleaming smile.

But you’ll definitely not want your winter wear to be a feast for moths and mites. Saving them properly for the next fall is obviously important. And if you have space constraints, renting out a self-storage unit can prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Self-storage units don’t just help you stock and store your belongings safely, they also help you de-clutter your living spaces. But before you head towards storing your winter wear at a self-storage unit, here are a few points to follow:

  • Pack them right – Packing the stuff right is the first and foremost thing. Where ever possible, roll the clothes instead of folding them. This will protect the garment from fold lines that develop during storage. For clothes that cannot be rolled, putting tissue paper or butter paper can help prevent creases. For storing boots stuff them with tissue paper or newspapers inside. This will absorb all moisture content and protect them from losing their shape and color.
  • Use the Right Box – Cartons and cardboard boxes are a big NO-NO when it comes to storing woolen clothes. These boxes do not provide adequate protection against insects, temperature variations and humidity. Therefore, picking up airtight plastic boxes is the best bet.
  • Wash Your Clothes Properly – It’s important to thoroughly clean your clothes before you seal them into the packing boxes. Be it hand washed, machine washed or dry cleaned, the clothes should be perfectly clean before you put them away for next fall.
  • Ditch Odors – Use Cedar blocks or other natural moth repellants to keep away moths. Loaded with fresh lavender fragrance, they keep your clothes smell fresh and new. Avoid using aerosol sprays as they are unsafe for health and environment.
  • Go in for Climate Control Units – Hot and dry climates are the perfect ones for storing clothes. But with changing seasons, the temperature and humidity levels vary, putting the stored clothes at risk of damage. Climate control units thus give you year-round protection, even in the extremes of climates.

If you too are looking for storage units to keep your stuff intact, West Bellfort Self Storage is the obvious choice. We provide the most trusted self storage facilities in Houston. To know more about our wide array of storage options and related services, call us at 281-561-0200.

How Self Storage Can Benefit Your Business

A business is all about highs and lows. When the demand for your products increases, you tend to invest more in inventory. On the other hand, when the demand drops or ceases to exist, the collected inventory goes waste.

But, more often than not, the demand of the product regains demand after a seasonal cycle. Thus keeping the products aside, well packed and organized, is the wisest call.

This is where extra storage spaces prove handy. So, rent out a storage unit keeping in mind the features like space requirements, easy availability and convenient approach. Depending upon the things to the stocked, consider a unit befitted with climate control system.

Here are obvious benefits that an extra storage space will bestow:

  • Space to stock seasonal inventory – Storage space provides the required space to stock your ‘out-of-demand’ inventory or seasonal products.
  • Increases in-house storage space – When you store the ‘not required’ products in a separate storage unit, you allow yourself extra space to stock the ‘in-trend’ utilities. This will enable you to concentrate on the required things and grow your business boundlessly.
  • Reduces incidence of product damage – Frequent handling invariably damages things. Stocking the unwanted things at a different location cuts down on incidence of product damage drastically.
  • Avoid frustration – You’ll obviously not want to open up the same box again and again and end up frustrated saying, “Oh no, this is not what I want”! Encountering these situations often will not only leave you frustrated but also keep your customers waiting. It’s rather better to keep the ‘not required’ utilities out of sight till they are required again.

If you are also aiming at expanding your business don’t let space constraints pull you down. At West Bellfort Self Storage, we provide the most trusted self storage facilities in Houston. We don’t just accommodate the needs of house owners, but also provide convenient storage units for big and small enterprises. Call us at 281-561-0200 to know more about our wide array of storage options and related services.

Residential Storage Simplified

As they say, ‘Change is the only constant’. Everything is subject to change. The rule holds water for every facet of life including what one desires and requires in life. Needless to say, our storage spaces requirements also change with passage of time. Important life events like marriage and birth considerably alter the storage requirements.

In fact, as we grow, we tend to acquire more and more stuff without disposing off the existing belongings. Drastic changes in weather conditions in the current location or moving to a different location having varied climatic conditions also necessitate the need for extra storage space.

At times, the extra storage space requirement may only be temporary in nature. One may be going for a vacation. While one is away, there must be a mechanism to safeguard the prized possessions back home. Rental storage space thus comes as a handy option. But bottom line is the identification of the belongings that are to be necessarily stored.

One must neatly pack all the stuff that has to be stored. Ideally, a list of belongings that have been placed inside should be pasted outside the carton. This avoids unnecessary movement and unpacking of material when the requisite items have to be retrieved.

Extending the same logic, fragile and delicate items should be stored separately in distinct packages. Such packages should be kept in the least visited corner of the storage premises to avoid breakage and loss.
While identifying the ideal storage unit, one must keep the following factors in mind; distance, approach, accessibility, climate control and size. In case you need expert help to sort out any of the storage related issues, get in touch with West Bellfort Self Storage. You may simply give a call 281-561-0200 and choose from a wide array of storage options and related services that Heights Mini Storage offers.

Tips To Protect Your Belongings at Self-Storage Units

Well maintained and organized self storage units provide ample space for storing your belongings. Right from dumping sparingly used commodities to stocking household and office stuff and valuables; self storage units come up as the ideal facility when space is a major constraint.

But are your belongings safe? Although the self storage units are safe and well protected; but it’s better to play safe. You’ll obviously not want to end up losing your entire fortune to a burglary or break-in. Right?

Here’s a quick look into the numerous types of locks you can use to further safeguard your belongings against theft.

  • Keyless Locks: Keyless locks operate without keys. These kinds of locks do not require a key and instead require feeding in a number code or only operational with registered fingerprints. These locks post the biggest advantage of convenience. With no worry of losing or misplacing keys, they ensure added protection and quick access.
  • Disc Locks: These locks provide the perfect combination of security and ease-of-use. Though just one twist of the key will get you in and out, it’s one of the hardest to tamper with. The deep rooted hasp cannot be reached easily and grinding off takes times and makes a good amount of noise.
  • Coupler Locks: Perfectly designed to snugly fit over most storage locker doors, these locks conceal the hardened bolt beneath to provide the maximum protection. Designed with anti-picking technology, it’s nearly impossible to cut through them with bolt cutters and grinders.
  • Combination locks: Combination locks bring together the benefits of keying and number coding. To gain admission, both things have to be in place. They offer maximum and all round protection.
  • Other considerations: Besides choosing the right type of lock, the size of the lock is also important. Smaller locks are easy to remove and pick. So choose the biggest lock that will fit the latch.

Also, if your self-storage unit has outdoor access like a drive-up storage unit, choose a lock that can withstand elements of weather. Iron locks will rust away, making break-in easier. Opting for stainless steel locks is thus the best option.

Secure and fully protected self-storage facilities along with the best locks bestow maximum protection. At West Bellfort Self Storage, we provide the safest self storage units in Houston. Our facilities are well-lit, properly fenced and deployed with a 24/7 on-site property manager. You can also avail one-off facilities to further upgrade the security levels. Call us today at 281-561-0200 to find out more about our distinguished solutions.